The King who crawls gazes his look upon the mortal plane. He and the other gods of evil, Vecna and Loth. He gives his powers to a man who in turn becomes a Litch with great shape shifting powers. As the Litch grows in power he gathers followers. A highly powerful scorrcer/wizard/cleric, A fierce Barbarian/Fighter, and A cunning Ranger/Rouge/Shaman. After the Litch King destroys many Kingdoms, survivors of those fallen kingdoms ban together and form an adventuring party. To destroy the Litch, his followers, and the Deities of evil. Can these adventures become powerful enough to stop a Litch and a God? Only time will tell.

(CAMPAIGN PARTY: 3-6 players. REQUIREMENTS: At least 1 paladin or cleric{A divine player}.)

Rise of the Litch King